Our Charities in 2024

As a Small independant business, we receive numerous requests for donations and sponsorships from various charities and organizations.

Whilst we would love to support each and every one of them, the reality is that we have limited resources and must make careful decisions about where to allocate our support. 

Our business is currently focussing on supporting charities working across the spectrum of women, children, homelessness and family violence. We are doing our best and we know that every cent counts.

Two of our major groups that we have supported, and will continue to support throughout the year are:

Red Cross Australia 

Mcauley Community for Women www.mcauley.org.au

10% of profits of all Safety Bee Alarms will be donated to the Mcauley Foundation in 2024.  

If you have any queries or request for donations then please direct to Ainsley by emailing at contact@stanleyandstone.com.au.

Thank you so much for your support xx